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May 03, 2005



A correction

"The world's smallest antelope is smaller than the world's largest rat"

It is supposed to be the largest frog


when i fisrt saw the write up on the worlds smalest mentally retarded creatures suposedlly spawned from homo floresinis that they ran from being rapped lets say and went swimming for an island coming from erecterset problably fluxing cousins from anthru..!!!

little people walk out for a walk about then some giant guy tower like 7ft 7 in comes buy reaches out grabs you and scalpes you and then makes do with what he does to your body id run to id run look back laughing saying cant keep up or see mi change . seee yeah ...

then id go to some tropical two one in paradise id buy a stick house undder the sun and kick back living life in an "out of africa theory " doing th works of man kind watch out over my childern that aren't fluxing cousins to lafayette or jack frost and hancock

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