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May 27, 2005



Boo hoo hoo. I enjoyed reading this. But good luck to you!

Please let me know if you start up again


Congrats on being employed, but you havne't sold your soul, you have just mortgaged it. I'm bummed about your next six months (hope they are paying you a lot), but you can always reconsider then. Who knows what the options will be. I really enjoyed your blog, please let me know when you start a new one.

matt and cheri

DON'T GO!!!! WE LOVE YOUR BLOG!!! best wishes with the job....let us know when you start up a new site....and how about you get your ass over here for a visit with us and the kids?!?!


Yikes! Say it aint so!!! After all we've been through... :)

I understand completely though - discovery at work (and the subsequent feeling of being implicitly censored) was one of the reasons I started a new blog.

Good luck with the mountain o' work though. I'll miss your writing AND your craziness!

Please let me know when you start a new blog.


I want the new blog addy. Congrats. I'm sure it will be a good thing for you one way or another.


Good luck Cara!!!!! And start that new blog soon!


Cara, sorry to know you are not going to continue sharing your daily struggles. I have enjoyed reading and getting to know you. Thanks for being open and letting folks be a part of your life. Good luck with your new job. I am sure as a 'Word Merchant' you have a great future ahead of you.


Booo! I love the blog -- it gives me 3 minutes escape from my own soul-selling job. Keeping the blog is easy -- you just need to write about things other than work and THAT is what will keep you honest, it will make sure you *pursue* things other than work. There, I've solved it. I think you might owe me something now. Adios!

Leah K

Cara, you still have the 'ville. Let me know when your new blog starts.


I haven't posted here recently Cara, but I too will miss you. Take care of yourself. Funny, but I'll bet there are a bunch of us out here that don't know you personally, but will always wonder how you're doing. Have a great life.


Hang in there, girlie. Congrats on having made a decision and here's to the next six months being eaisier than you expect. I've really enjoyed this blog but totally understand taking a break and I look forward to its next incarnation. Take care, babe! (and you really are a babe, you know.) xoxoxo w

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