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April 19, 2005



i picked a spot for the rest of my enternity its a place nobody ever goona find well hidden i came up with this sceme wfor when i die i m thinking of putting a cat in my casket after last respects send it to the gates of heaven cemtery of course its going to be a petrified animal from the college that they disect ... one day im going to tell someone this of who ever reslllgives a fly fuck but when they go to seee me at so and so' s gates of heaven" they will seee my name here lies numb nutz then as of designing shyt i got the lay out for my casket man its going to be good its made out of cement with a wooden inlay for comfort and a bootle of wine for me the man with nobodys name but a grave marker the design comes from england its got like a family treee of geneology on it then .....!!!! dun dun dun ...!!! they dig up the stupid fluxing ding to fin d a thousand yearguy and old botlle of wine ....

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