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April 07, 2005


But you have a pixie cut, which is very femme. The Ticos will love you!


We want hair pictures!


happy birthday. have big fun. don't get caught.


Happy B'Day for Monday.

Have fun... we'll be thinking of ya!

And maybe some Costa Rican men will be *looking* for a boy. You will have to pull the old switcheroo, but hey, sometimes desperate measure are called for!


Cara dB

Dude, I want pictures of the new hairdo. And now it's red. Pretty please.


No pictures, kiddies. Hopefully the horror of it will go unrecorded.

Donna Frey

It really does not matter what your hair looks like your face is still the same and your heart is still a wonderfull thing...your hair will grow take it from me my daughter cut mine off and now it is in the process of growing...how long it will take to be me again:???I don't know, but I am still me...

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