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March 03, 2005


What color are going to get? You know you CAN'T have green!


Duh. Green is so played out, Kermit.


How much does one of them there things run?


Believe it or not, $300. That's a lot for a toy, but it's a toy I MUST HAVE.

I only wish it took digital photos.


I thought an iPod would fulfil my empty life too...

Unfortunately, after coveting my neighbours' and coworkers' iPods for over a year and finally deciding to take the plunge last week, I ended up having a TERRIBLE experience with a shiny new iPod. I am sad to say that I am now an ex-luster-after of iPods... :(

Maybe I was just unlucky, and I really hope you are happy with with yours, but please take care when getting one - I'd hate anybody else to suffer the same shattering disappointment that I have just been through.


What happened?

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