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March 31, 2005



I've lately discovered the Dublin based group, The Thrills. I also am really into the latest Brit invasion, Kasabian.


lets get one thing straight. RIO is not IPOD. I feel deceived. All that IPOD talk only to get a RIO???!! What type of isht is that? (you know I'm loyal. just for the record...)


Brooklyn, you'll be barred if this insouciance continues. Don't be hatin on Li'l Rio.


hey cara...put some gwen stefani on there...her latest album is great. "hollaback girl" is a must for your new rio.


yay, a comment from Cheri. I do have a little Gwen, but I will add more. I have a weird one called "harajuku girls" that kinda freaks me out.


Thea Gilmore. Calexico. Giant Sand. Nina Simone.


oh and i must say...the beach boys are a necessity in this house right now with sophia....she recommends "little honda".....

Matt Getty

Kings of Leon are a must, as is the new Beck albumn. Other than children's music and Sophia's "Littel Honda" that's mainly what I'm listening to these days

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