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January 12, 2005



Was there really a fire in the kitchen? I love this post. It brings back 'fond' memories of the 3 1/2 weeks I waited tables at a sports bar during my senior year in college. I sucked. Absolutely sucked. Me and a buddy of mine would play this game where we would see who could make up the best excuse as to why we screwed up an order/the food came out late/we missed something/we forgot something. Our sections were usually right next to one another. We both agreed that the best one ever was when I forgot to send an order to the kitchen for this party of 12 (naturally 6 of which were little kids), I got out and tell the adults, "Folks, I can't believe this, but there was a delay with your order because a mild scuffle broke out between two of our chefs, and one chef was stabbed and had to be taken to the hospital."

They were so shocked I think they momentarily forgot how furious they were with me. The best part was my buddy being in earshot when I was going through this spiel and cracking up in the middle of taking someone's order. Good times.

Hang in there. At least you aren't a complete idiot like me.


No, no fire. Just general idiocy and bad luck. But as you said, human error just makes people angry. The truth is never good enough. I may have to use that one about the cooks fighting.

The best waitress story ever is from my old colleague Jen. She ate one of her customers' cheese fries in the kitchen before picking up the plate and hustling it out to their table. When she set it down and went to walk away, there was a string of cheese running from the dish to her mouth--busted! She ran away and never went back to that table.

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