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November 04, 2004



Have you given consideration, with your impending unemployment, to seeking a volunteer postion with MoveOn or the DNC? Give them a sample of your passionate and eloquent writing. It's top notch. You have the ability to say liberal stuff with a conservative tongue. We need that. And maybe you could get paying job out of it?

John Williams

I hate people who believe that the only way to support our troops is to vote to keep them in harm's way indefinitely. I guess those voters just can't hold two ideas in their head at the same time. I'll say this slowly: you don't have to support the war to support the soldiers--the young, poor, disproportionately black and brown people who die to pad Dick Cheney's bankroll. I know, I know, it's hard! But with practice, you can hold more than one idea in your head at once. Surely you know someone who voted Democrat--maybe the librarian at your underfunded town library, for instance. She can help you practice this radical thing we in the blue states call critical thought. It's something we do while we drink lattes made with Fair Trade coffee. Remember, you are allowed to thnk critically in this country, no matter what they tell you at church. Though we advise doing so quietly for the time being.

Grow up!

You don't know what the hell you are talking about.
I spent 3 years in the service fighing for you to be able to say that. Learn to be greateful.

Daniel Beyer

John Williams needs to shut the hell up. I salute you for fighting for this country Mr. Williams, but the fact is that this war in Iraq was UNNECESSARY! We do know what the hell we're talking about and by telling him that he doesn't know what he's talking about proves his point that republicans disregard that which is right. Red states suck, Bush is a disgrace, end of story asshole.


Thanks, Daniel Beyer. I'm a she, btw. I'm really surprised that this entry hasn't gotten more hate mail. And I'm sorry that JJW missed my point, which really just proves it.

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