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October 25, 2004



Quick! If you are in charge of filing important stuff for your job, make sure that everything is suddenly filed in a system that only you understand, and that would take at least six months for anyone else to work out. This has prevented my father, who is in the volatile "build large trucks and stuff for drilling" industry from getting laid off and replaced by a college grad a time or two.

But hopefully "marching orders" meant new job duties from others that are being phased out or are leaving and can't be replaced. Otherwise your boss needs to watch some of the management films that I have been forced to watch as a student that explain such management guildeline gems as "don't email angry" and "firing employees over the phone or with text managing is not appropriate". Not to mention the ol' Friday layoff rule. Good luck!

hell. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you misinterpreted, but if you didn't, I'll help you egg his house.


the above was me. for some reason my personal info poofed.

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