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October 20, 2004



Maybe we'll have to join you up there. This is absurd. What are "people" (?) thinking? I just want to cry when I think about it these days. It exhausts me emotionally.


Barcy is voting against it, and she is a rep., so who knows? maybe it won't pass.


I just remembered this- do you remember the guy who owned the "motorcycle shop" (read: place to hang out and smoke dope and apparently snog your wife's family) who was on JS because he did, literally, sleep with his wife's sister and mother, (yes I said mother) and was just pleased as punch with himself that he was going to go on Springer? You may have been too young; he used to hang out at the mall bar your pa worked at. Years ago. What a prize. I tried my best to date him but ended up settling on pops instead.

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