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September 23, 2004


Back story is this:

My pretty new purse that I got for 14 dollars at VC Boutique has a small light inside that magically turns on whenever the purse is opened. It is extremely high-tech and cutting edge. I think someone is jealous.


Interesting, which part of that she chose to rebut.


VC Boutique??? Is that what we're calling it now???


Careful now...other people ARE reading this. Cara and Bree? Sounds like my old girlfriends Storm and Echo. I'm NOT kidding about the names. I'm old and alone now. Thanks for reminding me why. ;D Keep writing Cara.


Storm and Echo are way more eccentric than Cara and Bree.

And don't worry, I know she reads it. I try not to write anything that will make people I know angry. Even though it's tempting sometimes.


I think that purse should be thrown over a telephone wire, where no one can reach it ever again. It's scary the way your sister latches on to in animate objects.

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