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September 28, 2004



Great post Cara, I needed a laugh tonight. But how did you find out about the "funny red bumps"? I made them promise not to tell.

what'd i tell you about marlo? you may have spidey sense, no question. but you need to recognize the deep insight of those around you. i'll be at work all weekend, feel free to park it on my couch. bush sucks.


Before you even said, I was reading the hassle part and saying, I bet she bought it at Marlo. We cancelled our sofa and bed order after weeks of that runaround crap. Got better stuff elsewhere in 3 days.


"your volvo"

HAhahahaha! I love it.

You can give me advice any ol' time.


Marlo is about to ruin my weekend.

Willa! It's a pleasure to see you here. I advise you to return.

And full disclosure; I stole the volvo thing from Tony Soprano.

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