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August 19, 2004



...and we missed you! Welcome back!


Saw a nice hint on another blog (it's mouse coming indoors season). Load your snap trap with peanut butter and put the whole thing inside a little paper bag. when you hear the snap, you just fold up the bag top and dispose.


OMG, that is so completely brilliant. I should have thought of that myself.


Nice to have you back, relatively happy, healthy and hopefully mouseless in spite of the fact that I have a soft spot in my head for all critters on the low end of the food chain. I loved rainy and stormy days on California's north coast. I could have miles of beach to myself. There's a beautiful spot at the mouth of the Russian River north of San Francisco about 40 miles. On special days waves that had traveled across 5000 miles of the north Pacific would build into 40 foot swells and smash themselves against a little promontory called Goat Rock in an awesome display. You could feel the salt spray half a mile inland.


Gahhh! Critters! I fear the mouse. We had some very bold ones in our house this spring. Imagine a 6'4", 240-pound man dropping his clean laundry and running for the broom. That was my dad, of course, not I.


when I was a youngster I lived in the hot, crowded, smoggy valley of Southern California.

I took vacations up the California North Cost with my grandparents each school break and determined that when I got married we were moving to the north coast, one way or the other.

I have loved it so much over the last 30 years that I decided someone else might like to experience this beautiful area the way I have my entire life.

So... I just started my first real project. Pre retirement I suppose, but it's my passion, what can I say.

It's evolving slowly, but with much love and excitement. Come visit us. You'll never forget it.

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