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August 27, 2004



That's awesome! Congratulations on your impending return to school. Now, the perennial question: what'll you be studying?


That is the perennial question, isn't it?

I'm going to study whatever gets me my degree the fastest. My transfer credits will determine that. All things being equal, I'm thinking either communications or public policy. I want to teach when I'm done, but not forever.


Yowza! What a great mom you have! I'll chip in some highlighters and maybe a notebook or two.


Congrats and wow what a great mom--it's that Ohio thing, I know :)
Since I work for an evil textbook publisher and as anyone who reads a paper knows, textbooks are fantastically overpriced and it's all our fault, I'll get you any books published by Thomson (Wadsworth, Heinle/Heinle, Brooks/Cole), Prentice Hall, or Addison-Wesley. That will help with the cost of returning to school. It's the least I can do for all of the excellent reading recommendations you've given me and to alleviate my evil capitalist guilt.

PS-Offer is serious, the rest of it is tongue in cheek. Except for your mom. That was serious too.


Thank you so much! I must have some good karma built up somewhere.


I'm very happy for you. I was hoping something along these lines would happen. Granted, I didn't know exactly what might happen. Your mom is cool.

You have to finish college, if even I am doing so.


Congrats. It's a great gift to get to go to school when you're actually able to appreciate it. Go Cara's mom.

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